Jerky slicing machine: the most suitable Kolossal line's models

Choosing a good jerky slicing machine is essential for cutting this particular cured meat with ease and precision. Let's discover the best models of Manconi's Kolossal line.

Affettatrice per carne essiccata: i modelli più adatti della linea Kolossal

Why rely on a jerky slicer machine? This cured meat is characterized by a rather hard texture, which is why it is essential to use a professional tool to cut it easily and obtain precise, quality slices. An example? Manconi's top-of-the-line Kolossal Line slicers. 

Let’s discover:


The characteristics of jerky meat

Jerky meat is a type of cured meat usually made from very lean beef; in fact, sirloin tends to be used to prepare this product. This factor is very important as the fat in the meat tends not to dry out like the lean parts, retains moisture and also leads to premature deterioration of the product. 

Dried meat is characterized by its cutting into very thin slices, which are difficult to achieve unless one relies on the use of a suitable tool.

In fact, the ideal thickness of the slices should be about 0.5 to 1 cm, as this measure allows the maximum flavor of the meat to be perceived without the risk of it being too tough. 

If you make slices that are too thin, in fact, the risk is that you will get an excessively dry meat, while if too thick, the result will be a product that is not dried properly.

How then to be sure to cut slices that are homogeneous but above all of the right thickness? With a quality jerky slicing machine, such as those offered by Manconi.


The Kolossal line for slicing jerky meat

Manconi offers three lines of professional slicers: Kolossal, Kolossal Dual and Smarty

The Kolossal line includes slicers that are also suitable for cutting jerky meat and are characterized by very high performance and high quality. The main features of this line include:

  • The perfect balance between tradition and innovation. In fact, this line is Manconi's flagship, which has always undergone continuous improvements to keep up with market changes;
  • The particularly durable materials that make the slicers long-lasting;
  • The machines' high usability, which greatly reduces operator fatigue and ensures maximum safety;
  • Excellent cutting precision that makes it easy to obtain homogeneous slices and minimal product waste.


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Kolossal line


Some jerky slicing machine from the Kolossal line

Let's now look at some recommended models from the Kolossal line regarding the cutting of jerky meat:


jerky-slicing-machine-250-ikThe 250 IK slicing machine features flexibility and compact size, perfect for placing virtually anywhere. In addition to cutting meat, this machine is also ideal for flawlessly slicing cheese and cold cuts. The presence of ultra smooth, polished aluminum surfaces and careful slip grooves to reduce friction and simplify cleaning.


jerky-slicing-machine-300ikThe 300 IK model is suitable for cutting all types of cold cuts and cheeses, and thanks to its easy handling it is ideal for those who need to frequently change product and format to slice. Thanks to the possibility of removing the sharpener, blade cover, blade guard and cutter plate, cleaning operations are particularly easy and accurate. Finally, the loading height is quite low, thus facilitating the operator's work.


jerky-slicing-machine-330-ik-saThe 330 IK SA slicing machine is ideal for cutting precooked meat, including jerky meat, sausages, cold cuts and cheese. It is an automatic and technologically advanced model and can be accessorized with different types of plates. Automatic cutting is optimized with three carriage speeds and three stroke lengths. The loading height is reduced to decrease operator fatigue.



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