Red professional slicer: the best Manconi models for your business

A red professional slicer can make a great piece of furniture for your business. Take a look at Manconi's offer now!

Red professional slicer: the best Manconi models for your business

A red professional slicer is an excellent piece of furniture precisely because of its color, which brightens up the machine and makes it aesthetically pleasing. At the same time, the high professional level guarantees quality performance for long periods of time. Discover the best Manconi models and find the most suitable for your business.

In this article, we delve into:

Choose a red professional slicer from the Smarty line

If you are looking for the perfect slicer for your business, there are two elements you should pay close attention to:

  • The technical characteristics and thus all the features it can offer to ensure you get the best performance
  • The aesthetic features, especially if you are looking for a slicer for catering and in general for use in settings where it is visible to the public.

In this regard, have you ever thought about a red professional slicer

Manconi offers a whole range of slicers with these features and therefore products that are not only impeccable from a technical point of view but also aesthetically very attractive precisely because of the addition of red inserts: the Smarty line, designed for the Ho.Re.Ca. sector.

Here are some of our best models:


red-professional-slicer-300-vx-bv300 VX BVThis professional slicer is a vertical model excellent for cutting all kinds of cold cuts. Very practical and easy to use, it offers excellent smoothness of the plate, great cutting precision, easy disassembly and reassembly of the pieces for quick, easy and thorough cleaning. Available in both red and black, thanks to the optional PV, it is possible to request a solid-color paint job for an even more striking aesthetic effect. 




350 VX BVThis is a very versatile vertical model, in fact, it is suitable for slicing many products: cold cuts, roasts, roast beef, and sausages in general. Perfect for delicatessens, grocery stores, delis, and industrial kitchens, this slicer guarantees excellent smoothness and maneuverability, as well as taking up little space. It is also very durable, in fact, the materials with which it is built are resistant to impact, abrasion, and corrosion, guaranteeing safety and hygiene.



red-professional-slicer-350-vx-bvs350 VX BVS:This red professional slicer is ideal for slicing all types of cured meats. A special feature of this model is the presence of a self-locking arm that aids product grip for better slicing. It also has a removable last slice device, available in two different versions, which is fully removable for better and easy cleaning.



Learn more about our professional slicers in the Smarty line!

Smarty Line

The other red professional slicers available from Manconi

In addition to the Smarty line of slicers, Manconi offers two other lines of highly professional slicers that not only offer the ultimate in innovation but can also be customized in a number of ways, including aesthetics. 

The Kolossal and Kolossal Dual lines are aimed at professionals who need a durable, practical, and reliable tool. The available models are all the result of great R&D work and guarantee operators easy but at the same time highly precise use of the machine.

As with the Smarty line, the Kolossal and Kolossal Dual include models that can be customized with the PV option, which is a solid-color painting for a unique and classy design.

Here are some models that may be right for you if you are looking for a red professional slicer:


330 IK SA: This inclined Kolossal professional slicer is suitable for cutting all kinds of sausages, cold cuts, cheeses, and pre-cooked meats. Technologically advanced and fully automatic, it can be completed with a range of optional extras (sliding plate, plate with transparent or aluminum removable tilting remnant holder), including of course the possibility of painting for a more elegant solid color result.




300 VK VE: Excellent for slicing cold cuts, cheeses, and fresh meats, this model can be customized with a Teflon-coated presser, sail, blade and blade cover, merchandise stop device, and, of course, red paint or other colors.





350 IK Dual: This model in the Kolossal Dual line is excellent for cutting cheese and precooked meats. It has an inclined product holder plate that facilitates slicing operations and improves the quality of the cut. Very easy to clean, this model can be sanitized with a simple jet of water. The PV option is also available in this case.




370 VK TC Dual: Also from the Kolossal Dual line, this professional slicer is excellent for cutting fresh meat. It has a very large and easily removable merchandise plate and a meat press for easy and thorough cleaning. Thanks to the presence of a slice support device, even thin, perfect and waste-free cuts are obtained. Here, too, it is possible to opt for red paint.



Design and customization by Manconi

We have seen that our professional slicers, in addition to the possibility of coloring them red for a more striking aesthetic effect, can be complemented with the addition of various optional extras. 

In addition, the great versatility of our models, and thus their ability to cut any type of product, makes them suitable for use in various sectors:

  • Deli stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Ho.Re.Ca
  • Butcher shop
  • Food store

Rely on Manconi and find the perfect red professional slicer for your business!

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