Industrial deli slicer: your guide to the best models

When it comes to slicing food products in a deli setting, precision and consistency are key.

Affettatrice industriale per gastronomia: la guida ai migliori modelli

This is where an industrial deli slicer comes into play, a trusted ally for chefs and food industry professionals. This article will guide you through what makes these machines so special and introduce you to some top-of-the-line models from Manconi, a trusted name in this field.

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Manconi's industrial deli meat slicers

If you're a food industry professional in search of a flawless industrial deli slicer, you've certainly found the answer to your needs.

Manconi is one of the leading companies in the production of professional slicers, catering to a wide spectrum of sectors, ranging from cozy delis and hospitality to large chains of organized large-scale distribution.

To ensure the highest satisfaction of various customer demands, Manconi offers three lines of slicers: Kolossal, Kolossal Dual, and Smarty.

Specifically, the first two are designed to ensure high power and top-tier performance, capable of successfully meeting the challenges of extended periods of use.

Kolossal Line

Manconi's Kolossal line represents the pinnacle of industrial deli slicers by combining tradition and innovation. These machines are the result of years of experience and provide precision, ease of handling, exceptional yield, and durability. Their internal design aims to simplify the work of operators, reducing waste, and ensuring maximum safety. The Kolossal range is the ideal choice for those seeking reliable and high-performing industrial slicers for the deli sector.


250 IK - This industrial deli slicer is the perfect solution for cutting cold cuts, cheese, and cooked meats. This machine, with its strategic inclination, proves to be incredibly versatile and space-efficient, making it ideal for smaller-sized deli meats and cheese. Thanks to its compact design, it takes up very little space and can be easily installed even in narrow environments. A practical and functional choice to ensure high-quality results.


300 VK VE - Perfect for slicing cold cuts, cheese, and fresh meats. This deli slicer not only fully meets the needs of those working in this sector, but it also offers an optional version with a sliding carriage (TC option). For this reason, it is ideal for markets requiring vertical slicers for cutting cold cuts and cheese.

Kolossal Dual Line

The Kolossal Dualline represents a renewal of the Kolossal models, with a more modern design and charming shapes. Its versatility is evident in the possibility to customize the slicer from both an aesthetic and technical side. With the "Dual" version, users can opt for

built in or separate sharpener and select the gear or belt transmission. This machine offers deli professionals a customized, high-quality slicing experience.


350 IK Dual - This is the perfect solution for slicing cold cuts, cheese, and cooked meats. This industrial deli meat slicer adapts with agility to a wide range of products, ensuring precise and uniform slices, including cooked meat. Its tilted plate simplifies its use, while its cutting precision and rounded surfaces are easier to clean, making this tool instrumental for kitchen professionals. Cleaning is quick thanks to the ability to use a water jet.


370 VK BV Dual - This model is ideal for slicing cold cuts, with a particular focus on raw ham. This vertical slicer offers high precision in a compact size, ensuring versatility in cutting various deli meats. Its locking mechanism simplifies its use and ensures precise cuts without waste. Assembly and cleaning operations are quick and safe, and cleaning can be carried out with a water jet, making this slicer a reliable choice for delis.

Learn more about our models and find the best industrial deli slicer for your deli needs!

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When to use an industrial deli slicers

Opting to use an industrial deli slicer becomes particularly advantageous when you find yourself needing to cut various types of food products, each with different sizes and textures, all while needing to maintain a consistent quality in the final outcome.

Whether you need to slice thin pieces of ham, cheese of various textures, or vegetables in different sizes, a good industrial deli meat slicer can help you conquer every challenge.

Its ability to adapt to diverse culinary needs and maintain a uniform and consistent production are the main reasons that makes it essential in professional settings, but they're not the only ones.

Let's take a look at the key features an industrial deli slicer must have to meet the needs of your deli.

Key features of a quality model

Not all slicers are the same: they can offer different performance, durability, and cutting capabilities depending on their use.

This is the reason why, if you're looking for an industrial deli slicer for your gourmet products, you need to pay attention to several factors before making your decision:

  • Versatility: make sure it can handle a broad range of food products, from meat to cheese and even vegetables. Regardless of the type, size, or texture of the food you're preparing, a high-quality industrial deli slicer must deliver uniform slices.
  • Resistance and durability: industrial slicers are built to last. Their robust structure and high-quality materials ensure that these machines can withstand daily wear in a professional kitchen, so pay close attention to these two elements before making your choice.
  • Sharp and adjustable blade: slice precision is crucial in deli settings. A good industrial deli meat slicer comes with sharp and adjustable blades, allowing you to tailor the slice thickness according to your specific needs.
  • Safety: safety is a priority in the kitchen. These machines are equipped with advanced safety features that protect operators from potential accidents. A quality industrial deli slicer minimizes risks and allows you to work with peace of mind.
  • Speed of cleaning: quick cleaning is essential in a professional kitchen. Opt for a model that requires easy and fast cleaning.
  • Ergonomic design: ergonomics is important when it comes to slicing large quantities of food. Industrial deli slicers are designed with a special focus on ergonomics, ensuring that operators can work comfortably and effortlessly even during long shifts. This is undoubtedly a fundamental requirement to consider!

If you're looking for the perfect industrial deli slicer for you, do not hesitate to contact us.

We're here to help you choose the ideal model! Enhance your kitchen's efficiency, ensure the quality of your dishes,and enjoy long-term benefits with Manconi!

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