Three-phase professional slicer: discover Manconi’s offer

Find the three-phase professional slicer that meets your needs. Discover Manconi’s offer and choose the perfect solution for you.

Affettatrice professionale trifase: scopri l’offerta Manconi

Are you looking for a reliable and long-lasting professional three-phase slicer? Manconi offers three lines of high-quality slicers and a wide range of models suitable for various levels of production intensity. Discover them in this article and find the slicer that best meets your needs.

In this article, we will discuss:

The three-phase professional slicers ranges by Manconi

If you are a professional in the food industry looking for a high quality three-phase professional slicer, you are in the right place.

Manconi is one of the best manufacturers of slicers in different professional sectors: from small delicatessen to Ho.Re.Ca establishments, and large-scale distribution.

To perfectly respond to customers’ different demands, Manconi offers three lines of slicers: Kolossal, Kolossal Dual e Smarty

Every line includes three-phase professional slicers ensuring maximum power, and high-quality standards even for a long period of time.

Now, we highlight the main features of each range: 

  • Kolossal Line: this is the top-quality range of Manconi’s offering. It perfectly expresses the dualism between tradition and innovation, which is crucial to stay up-to-date. Precision, high manoeuvrability, exceptional performance, and long-term durability are the result of years of expertise in design and engineering developed in-house by Manconi. This line ensures minimal waste during the slicing process and maximum safety for the operator.
  • Kolossal Dual Line: is an evolution of some models of the Kolossal range while maintaining the high quality standards of the renowned brand. The design is even more modern and appealing with rounded shapes for a better aesthetic. Moreover, the term Dual pinpoints the possibility to choose between a built in or separate sharpener and the gear or belt transmission.
  • Smarty Line: the new generation of professional slicers from Manconi’s tradition is finally here. This line has been designed and manufactured to offer excellent performance for the catering industry. Smarty’s slicers are manufactured with new materials made to be highly shock, corrosion and scratch resistant, ensuring top safety and hygiene standards

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Some models

Let’s see some of the models of three-phase professional slicer for each range: 

250 IK: this professional slicer of the Kolossal line is available in the single-phase and three-phase version. It’s the perfect machine to cut deli and cheese thanks to its flexibility and limited dimensions. Being compact, it occupies a small space and can be installed in narrow areas. For this reason, it’s ideal for environments where space optimization is key.


330 IK: this is another Kolossal model which offers a high cutting precision while reducing the loading height relieving the operator’s strain. It can be equipped with different types of plates, such as: plate with swinging transparent remnant holder; plate with swinging aluminium remnant holder; plate with self-locking clamping device, transparent and removable remnant holder and sliding plate.


350 IK Dual: this professional slicer of the Kolossal Dual line is suitable for cutting deli, cheese, and even cooked meat. The plate is tilted in order to make it easier for the operator to use. Cutting precision, cleaning simplicity and rounded shapes make this machine a crucial device for professionals. It’s available in a single-phase and three-phase version. 


370 VK TC Dual: this vertical model has been precisely designed to cut fresh meat. Despite its compact size, this slicer offers a great cutting capacity, ensuring excellent performance while using the available space. The wide plate and the significant meat press can be easily removed to simplify cleaning. 


250 VX VE: this professional three-phase slicer offers superior performance despite its small price. The compact size and sliding carriage allow precise cuts for meat, deli, vegetables and small cheese. Efficient and safe, it’s a machine designed to stand the test of time and ensure outstanding results. It’s available in the red and black versions. 


370 IX: a versatile and functional slicer for the precise cutting of any deli, vegetable, bread and big sized cheese. The sliding carriage makes the cutting easier, reducing waste. This three-phase professional slicer has a modern design and is made of resistant materials, ensuring excellent performance in narrow spaces. It’s suitable also for inexperienced operators.


When to use a three-phase slicer 

Generally, three-phase slicers are used in the industrial or artisanal field where high power, exceeding 6 kW, is required. This three-phase connection allows for more efficient and reliable machine functioning in handling large workloads for an extended period of time.

This is the reason why these slicers are particularly recommended in a professional environment, unlike smaller businesses that can find a highly efficient solution tailored to their needs in a single-phase slicer with a lower voltage.


Choose Manconi for your three-phase professional slicer 

The vast Manconi range is waiting for you! Our three-phase professional slicers will not let you down. In fact, choosing one of our solutions means:

  • Working with machines with professional performance that are easy and practical to use, simplifying the operator.
  • Avoiding the risk of contamination or corrosion thanks to the impeccable quality of the materials.
  • Reducing the maintenance operations thanks to Manconi’s slicer resistance.
  • Working with slicers that are aesthetically agreeable and suitable to be showcased.


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