Raw meat slicer: choose Manconi’s quality

Raw meat slicer: choose Manconi’s quality

Do you need a raw meat slicer for your butcher shop? Trust in Manconi’s quality and find the best model for you. 

In this article, we will discuss: 

Manconi’s raw meat slicers

The Kolossal and Kolossal Dual lines by Manconi offer a range of raw meat slicer models that cater to any need.

The Kolossal Line

The Kolossal Line is the epitome of innovation and expertise. In fact, it perfectly combines tradition and modernity to provide exceptional performance. Its accuracy, maneuverability and long-lasting durability are the result of years of know-how in design and internal mechanics. Kolossal makes the operators’ job easier, ensuring precise cuts, minimal waste, and the utmost safety for the user. 

raw meat slicer 250 vk ve250 VK VE: this model is the perfect solution for cutting both deli and raw meat. CE-marked, this slicer is perfect for the GDO and HO.RE.CA sectors. Equipped with a transparent meat press that can be removed and with a pointed base, it has been designed to cater to markets with smaller product sizes. Despite its compactness, this machine retains the quality, performance, and safety features of models with larger diameter blades.


raw meat slicer 300 vk ve300 VK VE:this slicer is the top choice for the GDO and HO.RE.CA sectors, precisely for slicing deli, cheese, and raw meat. This model has been crafted for professionals demanding vertical cuts, like those in the deli meat and cheese fields. Thanks to its sliding plate version (TC option), this slicer perfectly fits even specialized markets. 


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Kolossal Line

The Kolossal Dual Line

The Kolossal Dual line presents a new interpretation of the Kolossal models, showcasing a more appealing and modern design, characterized by rounded shapes. The term “Dual” emphasizes the machine’s flexibility, which can be customized with an integrated or separate sharpener and the gear or belt transmission. This versatility makes the Kolossal Dual line an innovative and adaptable choice for your raw meat slicer needs. 

raw meat slicer 350 vk tc dual350 VK TC Dual: this raw meat slicer boasts significant functionality when it comes to cleaning, thanks to its large plate and solid meat press, both easily removable for thorough cleaning. Moreover, the stub has been purposely designed to fulfill very thin and perfect slices with zero meat waste. Like all the Kolossal products, the Kolossal Dual line is conceived for easy cleaning with water jets, ensuring hygiene and day-to-day convenience.


raw meat slicer 370 vk tc dual 370 VK TC Dual: this model is the go-to for slicing fresh meat. Not only is it compact, enhancing the available space, but it also delivers impressive cutting capacity. The large plate and significant meat press can be easily removed for cleaning, ensuring effortless maintenance. Moreover, the stub has been purposely designed to fulfill very thin and perfect slices, cutting waste to zero.

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Kolossal Dual Line

How to choose a top-quality raw meat slicer

When making the decision to buy a raw meat slicer, it is crucial to take into account various factors to be sure that is the right choice: 

  • Blade size: opt for a model with a blade size that fits your cutting needs. 
  • Thickness adjustability: make sure that the machine allows you to adjust slices’ thickness to adapt it to the raw meat you need to cut. 
  • Right power: the slicer’s power should be adapted to ensure precise and consistent cuts on the tougher pieces of raw meat. This is why opting for a heavy-duty slicer is often a good choice.
  • Materials: the slicer should be made of top-quality materials such as stainless steel in order to be durable. 
  • Ease of cleaning: a good slicer should be easy to disassemble and clean as to maintain top hygiene standards.
  • Reliable: choose a renown and reliable brand such as Manconi to ensure high-level and long-lasting performance.

Why should you rely on Manconi’s know-how

For over half a century, Manconi has represented excellence in the production of professional slicers for butcheries. Our meticulous attention to detail, continuous pursuit of improvements, and dedication to Italian craftsmanship are just some reasons you should rely on our expertise. Here's what choosing Manconi for your business entails:

  • Tradition: Manconi epitomizes Italian artisanal tradition in the slicer sector. Every single machine is crafted with care and passion by masters in the field.
  • Constant innovation: Manconi invests in research and development to constantly improve its machines, ensuring they remain state-of-the-art in terms of technology and performance.
  • Customer Care: Manconi's Customer Service is always available to guide you in the selection, usage, and maintenance of your slicers. 
  • Quality Assurance: every Manconi slicer undergoes rigorous quality checks to guarantee consistent performance and long-term durability.
  • Versatility: We offer a wide range of specific models depending on the product to slice and the various market sectors we serve.

Do you want to know more about our raw meat slicers? Manconi is here for you! 

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