Ham and cheese slicer: Manconi’s best models

If you work in a deli or supermarket and need a good ham and cheese slicer, Manconi models are definitely for you. Let's find out about them together!

Ham and cheese slicer: Manconi’s best models

Choosing the right ham and cheese slicer may require some shrewdness depending on the type of food to be sliced, its consistency (as in the case of cheeses) or the thickness of the slice to be obtained. For these reasons, it is essential to carefully select the right slicer so as to achieve excellent performance without sacrificing the machine's practicality

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Manconi ham and cheese slicer machines

Manconi offers 3 lines of professional slicers that include several models of ham and cheese slicers. Let's look at some of them.

Kolossal line

The Kolossal line is Manconi's top of the line and includes efficient, precise-cutting and durable professional slicers. 

ham-and-cheese-slicer-250ikThe 250 IK ham and cheese slicer is perfect for slicing moderately sized products. It is a very practical machine due to its compact size that makes it placeable anywhere. It boasts large cutting capacities and a low loading height to facilitate the operator's work. 


ham-and-cheese-slicer-330ikThe 330 IK is a very versatile slicer, in fact, in addition to ham and cheese, it is also suitable for cutting bread and vegetables. The special feature of this machine is that it can be accessorized with different types of plates: with a swinging transparent remnant holder, with self-locking clamping device, sliding plate etc.


Kolossal Dual line

The Kolossal Dual line represents the evolution of the Kolossal range. Effectiveness and performance are the same, but it features more rounded shapes and thus a more modern design.

ham-and-cheese-slicer-350-ik-dual350 IK Dual is a ham and cheese slicer machine also suitable for slicing precooked meats. This model is characterized by great cutting precision and ease of cleaning in fact the rounded shapes facilitate sanitizing operations.


ham-and-cheese-slicer-370-ik-dualThe 370 IK Dual slicer can also be used to cut precooked meats, and because of the inclined table, cutting operations are much easier, allowing for more precise cuts and facilitating the activity of the user. 


Smarty line

Finally, there is the Smarty line. This is the latest innovation from Manconi and includes slicers particularly suited for the catering world, with models perfect for cutting ham and cheese. The slicers in this range are very durable and have a very original design, which also makes them perfect for public display.

ham-and-cheese-slicer-300-ix300 IX is a very compact slicer, in fact it can be placed even where space is limited. The carriage provides maximum smoothness for better performance by the operator and is available in both red and black versions. 


ham-and-cheese-slicer-370-ixThe 370 IX ham and cheese slicer can also slice bread and vegetables in large sizes and without waste. The materials used are very durable, making the machine perfectly capable of flawless performance for long periods of time.


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The characteristics of a good ham and cheese slicer

After looking at the best models offered by Manconi, let's briefly summarize the main features of a good ham and cheese slicer machine:

  • Great cutting precision for any product texture, as in the case of cheeses, which can be either soft or hard. In particular, for better results in cutting cheese, it is advisable to use a blade with Teflon surface treatment, which Manconi offers as an option;
  • High-quality, impact- and abrasion-resistant materials so that the slicers are safe, efficient, and solid;
  • Ease of cleaning, so that any product residue can be removed easily and safely.

As you can see, Manconi offers an incredible selection of professional cold cut slicers, designed to cut fresh meat and cheese without any effort. In addition to that, we are able to give you a top-notch service, based on a client-first approach.

Manconi’s quality

In addition to the possibility of finding exclusive optionals that will guarantee you a better cutting performance, relying on Manconi's quality is advantageous because:

  • The slicers offered are made with the best materials, making them particularly durable and therefore without the need for continuous maintenance;
  • The design is fresh and attractive, making the slicers suitable for every context, from supermarkets, to caterers;
  • They are designed in such a way as to make the operator's work as easy as possible, so as to achieve flawless cuts without effort or risk.


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