What are the features of professional meat slicers?

When you have to slice large quantities of products with great precision, when you need to cut meat, vegetables, bread, fish, precooked foods quickly, the choice can only fall on professional meat slicers. But what models exist and what features do they have?

What are the features of professional meat slicers?

There are various models of professional meat slicers, some more versatile, others designed specifically for certain products such as raw ham, but all have features in common that make them efficient, hygienic and able to withstand intensive daily use.


All the features of Manconi professional meat slicers

Since 1958 Manconi has specialized in professional meat slicers for grocers, supermarkets, Ho.Re.Ca., butchers and rotisseries.

This long experience has allowed us to understand what are the essential features of professional meat slicers, that is:

  • be equipped with extractable components - for example the sharpener, the blade cover, the slice holder - to allow thorough and safe cleaning
  • be produced with materials resistant to corrosion and suitable for food contact
  • have a great cutting precision to avoid unnecessary product waste
  • have a low loading height which reduces operator fatigue
  • be certified according to European safety and hygiene standards


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Some of the models in our range

To adapt these properties to the needs of the various sectors, we have designed three lines of professional slicers: Kolossal, Kolossal Dual and Smarty.

Here are some models.


330 IK

330 IK is a very versatile inclined neat slicer because it is suitable for cutting cold meats, vegetables and bread. It belongs to Kolossal, the legendary Manconi line, a combination of tradition and innovation. It groups extremely easy to handle meat slicers with exceptional performance that facilitate the operator's work.

In detail, among the features of the 330 IK professional meat slicer, we can mention:

  • Blade diameter: 330 mm
  • Blade speed: 200 rpm (50 Hz)
  • Dimensions: 786 x 592 x 784 mm
  • Gear transmission


350 VK TC

350 VK TC Dual, thanks to the large tray and pusher, is ideal for cutting fresh meat. Like all the other models of the Dual line, this professional meat slicer can be requested with a built-in or separate sharpener, and with belt or gear transmission, depending on need.

It’s equipped with:

  • Blade diameter: 350 mm
  • Blade speed: 230 rpm (belt) or 200 rpm (gear)
  • Dimensions: 816 x 730 x 559 mm

Furthermore, it is also available in the version with a 370 mm blade (370 VK TC Dual) and in the Big version (370 VK TC Dual Big), which has a wider base for slicing particularly bulky portions of meat.

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250 VX VE

Restaurants, bars, take-away, catering and many of those who work in catering prefer to resort to professional meat slicers from the Smarty line for their compactness and attention to design. Among these, the 250 VX VE, excellent for cutting meat, vegetables and cheeses.

This machine is equipped with:

  • Blade diameter: 250 mm (also available in 300 mm version)
  • Blade speed: 286 rpm
  • Dimensions: 530 x 508 x 450 mm
  • Belt transmission


Which professional meat slicers do you need for your business?

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