Three Manconi slicers for meat

Chicken breast, liver, rump and other types of bone-free meat need to be cut with a slicer for meat that allows cutting precision and minimizes operator fatigue. Whether it's fresh, semi-frozen or frozen, at Manconi you will find the slicer for meat that's right for you.

Three Manconi slicers for meat

A slicer for meat must guarantee maximum cutting precision even with large product portions and eliminate the problem of waste. For this reason, we thought about the problems that realities like yours face every day in designing our slicers for meat.

Another important feature is the reduced loading height, which considerably reduces the operator's effort in positioning the products to be sliced and during cutting operations.

The details of slicer for meat

There are different types of meat slicing machines, which differ in the thickness and inclination of the blade (vertical or gravity), the type of product plate, the transmission mechanism (belt or gear).

In general, however, a professional butcher meat slicer must have:

  • a sliding and wide support surface to allow for an excellent grip of the product and to slice even large portions of meat, reducing operator fatigue
  • removable components to facilitate cleaning and removal of dirt even in the area around the blade - fats, meat liquids, solid residues
  • slice support device that prevents fraying and waste
  • resistance to rust, mold, wear, bacteria and liquids
  • certifications according to European hygiene and safety standards

Many models also have a separate sharpener to allow easier and faster cleaning with a jet of water.

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Which meat slicer do you need?

Always choose the machine model that suits your needs. In this case, for example, consider which type of meat you need to slice: fresh or frozen/semi-frozen?

The 370 VX TC (available also with 350 blade diameter), for example, is a machine with a low cost, versatile and suitable for slicing both types of meat. Equipped with a 370 mm blade that allows precise and controlled cutting, this slicer for meat has:

  • belt transmission
  • reduced load height
  • removable slice plate
  • tilting aluminum pusher
  • reduced size



Slicer for fresh meat

If you need a specific slicer for fresh meat, we recommend, among others, the 350 VK TC Dual, (also available with blade diameter 370), used not only by delicatessens, butchers, local food stores, but also by large retailers. If you're looking for a product to cut fresh aliments, this cold cut slicer will be perfect for you.

Its main features include:

  • high performance
  • large support plate for the sliced product
  • product plate with tilting and removable aluminum pusher
  • reduced load height
  • reduced size to best exploit available space

Furthermore, like all Dual Line slicers, you can customize it by choosing the transmission mechanism you prefer between the gear or belt mechanism, and the built-in or separate sharpener.

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Slice frozen or semi-frozen meat

The distinctive element of a frozen or semi-frozen meat slicer ( -5° C) is the serrated blade because it easily penetrates the ice and allows precise slice cuts.

The 250 VE VX is a vertical slicer, perfect to cut this type of product. Compact in size, it is efficient, safe and easily washable. Its main features include:

  • separate sharpener
  • belt transmission
  • product plate with tilting and knurled pusher
  • folding plate


Like the other machines of the Smarty line, its details can be customized, which are available in red or black: so, if you decide to place it on the counter, you can choose the color that best suits the rest of the furniture.

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Which meat slicer do you need?

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