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Choosing the best meat and bread slicer for your business is not as easy as it sounds. Making the right decision depends on several factors including the many models available, such as those offered by Manconi.

Affettatrice per carne e pane: scegli Manconi

A quality meat and bread slicer must be impeccable both from a performance point of view, thus capable of ensuring perfect cuts with minimal product waste production, and from a safety point of view, in fact a good slicer is made of only the best materials so that it is durable, easy to clean and reliable.

Manconi models encapsulate all this.

In this article we look at:


Some models of Manconi meat and bread slicers.

Let us now look at some models of Manconi's meat and bread slicer:

350 IX

The 350 IX meat and bread slicer is part of the Smarty line, Manconi's newest addition that includes efficient, practical and beautifully designed slicers. This model boasts a smooth-sliding carriage that facilitates slicing operations by decreasing product waste and, thanks to top-quality materials, is perfectly capable of resisting shocks and abrasions, as well as ensuring great hygienic safety.



370 IX

The Smarty 370 IX meat and bread slicer is characterized by great versatility, in fact it can also slice cold cuts, cheeses, vegetables and precooked foods, even large ones. This model is characterized by great cutting precision so as to facilitate the operator's operations, and its compactness makes it particularly practical and functional, perfect for those who do not have large spaces.



330 IK 

The 330 IK meat and bread slicer is part of the Kolossal line, the top of the line in Manconi's offering. This model is particularly versatile, in fact it is ideal for tasks that require frequent changes of product to be sliced. The low loading height decreases operator fatigue and it has mirror-polished aluminum surfaces so that cleaning operations are also easy.




What about fresh meat?

While the models just described are more suitable for cutting bread and precooked meat, let's now look at some recommended models for cutting fresh meat:


meat-bread-slicer-300-vk-ve300 VK VE is a machine designed specifically for slicing fresh meat, but it is also suitable for cutting cold cuts and cheese. The main feature is its ability to also meet the needs of markets that if vertical slicers for cutting cold cuts and cheeses, in fact a sliding plate (TC) version is available.


meat-bread-slicer-350-vk-tc-dualThe 350 VK TC Dual Fresh Meat Slicer has a large, removable plate and pressamer so that cleaning is as easy as possible. There is also a practical slice support device designed to obtain very thin and precise slices without waste productions.


meat-bread-slicer-350-vx-tc350 VX TC is a slicer from the Smarty line ideal for cutting fresh meat. Its operation is simple and safe, and the controlled cutting allows any type of meat to be sliced with ease. Like the other models in this range, the materials used make the slicer durable and impact resistant and ensure excellent hygiene standards.



The features of a meat and bread slicer

To make sure you have an excellent meat and bread slicer in your hands, you need to pay special attention to the following features:

  • Excellent smoothness of the support surface for a better grip on the product;
  • Ability to disassemble and remove all the slicer components so that they can be thoroughly cleaned;
  • Great resistance to the action of rust, mold, wear and tear and bacteria, sometimes caused by cleaning products;
  • Full compliance with current European standards.
  • As for cutting bread, the use of a serrated blade is ideal to ensure even better performance. In this regard, Manconi offers this type of blade as an option to be applied to its slicer, so as to obtain perfectly homogeneous slices of bread.

Our slicers perfectly meet all these requirements, in fact reliability, safety and efficiency are the keywords that have always been part of Manconi tradition.

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Why choose Manconi

Deciding to rely on a meat and bread slicer signed Manconi means:

  • Working with machines able to guarantee professional performance but with simple and practical use, so as to simplify the operator's activity;
  • Not running the risk of contamination or abrasions, thanks to the impeccable quality of the materials used;
  • Minimize maintenance operations, precisely because of the great durability of Manconi slicers;
  • To work with slicers that are beautiful to look at, also excellent for public display.


Need a quality meat and bread slicer? Choose Manconi!

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