How to choose a good deli slicer

A deli slicer must have features that make it suitable for discontinuous work that involves many different tasks, it must occupy little space and guarantee maximum operator safety.

How to choose a good deli slicer

Manconi is able to create the safe, compact and reliable deli slicer you need. Furthermore, the design of Manconi slicers is studied in detail in collaboration with the greatest craftsmen and professionals in the sector.


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Good deli slicer features

Who doesn't love good food? Enjoying an abundant portion of lasagna or a perfectly cooked roast chicken seems like a mirage for those who have busy schedules and are away from home all day. Fortunately, in the restaurant world, delicatessens seem to stand the test of time; at reasonable prices you can enjoy all the local dishes as well as numerous delicious dishes prepared during the day.

This type of business is often small, because it does not need large spaces (sometimes even with the delivery formula). A deli slicer must adapt to the demands of those who need to cut many different foods, in small spaces and directly in contact with customers:

  • A deli slicer must be able to uniformly cut a wide variety of food products such as cold cuts, cheese, vegetables and cooked meats.
  • It must be compact to ensure maximum mobility and safety even in very small spaces.
  • A good deli slicer allows you to always maintain a high level of hygiene of the products sold, because it is easy to disassemble and clean.
  • The furniture in a small deli is an element that contributes to business success, which is why the slicer you need should not only be functional, but also aesthetically pleasing.
  • A deli slicer that has to deal with so many different products must have a gravity structure, to facilitate the sliding of even the most delicate foods towards the blade.
  • Furthermore, it is very important that a deli slicer be built with the best materials according to the highest international standards, guaranteeing safety and longevity.

The benefits of a Manconi deli slicer

Over sixty years of experience are a quantity that few producers can boast. Manconi is proud to have contributed to the history of catering and to have shown the passion and quality of Made in Italy in the world.

Manconi is able to create a deli slicer that meets the typical demands of this business, as well as giving you the opportunity to customize the individual details of the machine to your specific mechanical and aesthetic needs.

Smarty 350 IX deli slicer

A good example of a good deli slicer is that of the Smarty 350 IX, able to slice a wide variety of foods perfectly, minimizing product waste. Thanks to the tilted blade, the Smarty 350 IX is also suitable for cutting cheese, bread, vegetables and cold cuts of every kind and consistency.

This slicer for gastronomy is designed to facilitate the work of the operator, is shock-proof, is built with rust-proof and scratch-proof materials and guarantees great performance in very little space.


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