Automatic slicing machines: here are all of the Manconi models

If you have to slice large quantities of products on a daily basis, automatic slicing machines are the ideal choice because they optimise working time while ensuring the highest level of precision. Discover the best Manconi models below.

Affettatrici automatiche: ecco tutti i modelli Manconi

Automatic slicing machines are designed for the large-scale retail trade and for all those situations where there is a need to slice large volumes of cold cuts, sausages, fresh or pre-cooked meat, bread and vegetables.

In fact, the electric motor allows the slicing machine to work quickly, without forgetting cutting precision and production efficiency.


Manconi automatic slicing machines

These include slicing machines from Manconi, a company that has specialised in the manufacturing of quality professional automatic slicing machines for over 50 years.

Here are some models of automatic slicing machines available:


330 IK SA




The 330 IK SA automatic slicing machine of the Kolossal line is a particularly advanced machine suitable for slicing all types of sausages, cheeses, cold cuts and precooked meats.

With several customisable options, it is equipped with different types of plates, three carriage speeds and three different stroke lengths.

Compatible with current European hygiene and safety regulations, the low loading height and blade angle significantly reduce operator effort.


330 IK SA US




The 330 IK SA US automatic slicing machine is the slicing machine version described above but for the American market. Like its European counterpart, it is ideal for cutting cheese, cold cuts, precooked meats and sausages.

It is a machine that conforms to American standards both in terms of the safety of its use and the quality of the food it processes. It has obtained "ETL Listed" and "ETL Sanitation" certifications as required by North American regulations.


New Kolossal Dual 330 VK FA




New entry in the range of Manconi automatic slicers and soon to be available, the new Kolossal Dual 330 VK FA is a fully automatic machine that can also operate in manual mode.

It allows you to slice large quantities of meat, cold cuts and cheese with extreme precision, even without operator intervention.

Highly innovative in design, it has a touch screen that can be used to set and store various slicing programs, perform error diagnostics, access maintenance instructions and much more.


The advantages of the Manconi automatic slicing machines

Like all the company's products, Manconi automatic slicing machines are a guarantee of quality and durability. Let's take a look at the specific advantages of an automatic slicing machine:

  • Productivity: with an automatic slicing machine it is possible to slice larger quantities of product in shorter times
  • Long-lasting resistance: the materials used to manufacture Manconi slicing machines are resistant to damage from external agents such as rust and oxidation and guarantee long machine life over time
  • Cutting precision: high productivity is accompanied by consistently high cutting quality. This makes the products more presentable and reduces waste to a minimum
  • Maintenance and cleaning: like all Manconi slicing machines, the automatic slicing machines have removable parts for easier and more effective cleaning
  • Work strain: The amount of work and effort required from the operator is greatly reduced and, at the same time, safety is increased, as no direct contact with the blade is required.


Are you looking for an automatic slicing machine? Choose the safety and efficiency of Manconi.

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