Which are the best professional meat slicers?

Professional meat slicers are used to accurately slice cold cuts, meat, fish, bread, vegetables and even cheese. No big deal? Well, actually, it is because in addition to great cutting precision, they must be able to guarantee safety and a high standard of hygiene. Here, then, is a short guide to understand which are the best professional slicers.

Which are the best professional meat slicers?

Whether you need to use them in a kitchen or to run a deli, a butchery, a grocery store in general or a bar, you certainly need professional slicers to evenly cut a wide variety of products: from cold cuts to fresh and frozen meat, from fish to bread and vegetables. Here's how to choose the right one for you.


The most recommended Manconi professional slicers

Let's see which are the best professional slicers in the three Manconi lines - Kolossal, Kolossal Dual, Smarty.


#1 250 IK

250 IK Kolossal line tilted slicer for cutting cold cuts, cheese and precooked meats:

  • type: electric
  • blade diameter: 9.85 in (also available in 11.8 in and 13 in versions)
  • dimensions: 23.5 x 19.8 x 16.8 in
  • transmission: gear



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#2 350 VK TC Dual

Kolossal Dual line 350 VK TC Dual vertical slicer, specific for fresh meat:

  • type: electric
  • blade diameter: 13.79 in (also available with 14.5 in blade)
  • dimensions: 32.12 x 28.75 x 22 in
  • transmission: like all Kolossal Dual slicers, it can have gear or belt transmission depending on your needs
  • separate or built-in sharpener


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#3 300 VX BVC

Smarty 300 VX BVC vertical slicer for raw ham and cold cuts in general:

  • type: electric
  • blade diameter: 11.8 in
  • dimensions: 24.4 x 22.5 x 21.9 in
  • belt transmission



#4 250 IX

Smarty 250 IX tilted slicer for cold cuts, cheese, vegetables and precooked food:

  • type: electric
  • blade diameter: 9.85 in (also available in 11.8 in, 13.79 in and 14.5 in versions)
  • dimensions: 20.8 x 17.5 x 16.9 in
  • transmission: belt


If you are looking for professional slicers with a high degree of customization, the Smarty line is for you.


And as for automatic machines, which are the best professional slicers?

The models we have shown you so far are all electric. However, to meet the needs of those who need to slice large quantities of products in extremely short times, we have also designed some professional automatic slicers - here are the best ones:

  • 330 IK SA – professionally cuts cold cuts and sausages, cheese, precooked meats and vegetables
  • 330 IK SA US – like the previous slicer, but specific for the American market


Learn which are the best professional meat slicers:

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How to know which are the best professional meat slicers

which-are-the-best-professional-meat-slicersThere are versatile models and others more specific, but you may need to know some very essential details to understand which are the best professional slicers.

Here they are:



It seems that the accidents due to the use of slicers reach even 1,300 in just one year: a huge number! Here, safety must be an essential element. We at Manconi, for example, have implemented it in:

  • removable elements (including the blade) to allow completely safe and thorough slicer cleaning
  • CE certification regarding instrument safety standards
  • reduced loading height, which considerably reduces operator effort, guaranteeing greater agility of movement



When it comes to tools that are in contact with food, hygiene must come first. At Manconi, you will find slicers with rounded shapes and large spaces created to facilitate cleaning operations, as well as excellent anodic protection on aluminum surfaces. In fact, we use materials that have a certified food compliance declaration.



Whichever field you work in, you can't do without a machine that cuts evenly. What would your customers do if they were faced with uneven slices of ham or half-crumbled slices of bread? They probably wouldn't be very happy with the result… and neither would you! By choosing Manconi, you’ll have a wide range of electric slicers with various blade diameters - from 9.85 in to 14.5 in - to guarantee enviable cutting precision.


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