Slicer 300 IB DOC Kolossal: big cutting capacity in a small volume

A professional compact machine with high performances.

Manconi introduces the new slicer 300 IB DOC Kolossal: great cutting capacity in a small space

Kolossal line by Manconi means reliable;, accurate and technologicalslicers .

A range of professional machines able to satisfy every need of a customer, even the most specific ones.

It is just like the model 300 IB DOC, developed for bars, restaurants and deli stores with a restricted space but in the other hand they need to slice a huge quantity of delicatessen, cheese, and other products with substantial dimensions.

Slicer300 IB DOC in this case is the best solution.

That’s actually a compact machine, able to fit in small spaces. It can be easily installed on counters, tables and limited surfaces, even smaller than a meter.

Its maximum overall dimensions with product holder at the end of its stroke is 70 cm but it can be installed on a counter 60 cm wide.

So it is small, but powerful too.

Slicer 300 IB DOC of Kolossal line by Manconi is made with the most innovative materials and technopolimers . That makes this machine strong and reliable for a long period.

That’s a belt driven machine able to handle heavy duty works. The speed of its blade is just 250rpm, slow enough to grant a very reliable slice.

Fast, reliable and silent : those are the necessary features when customers are many and rapidity is mandatory but in the meantime keeping a very good quality of slice. .

Thickness of the slice, can be selected in a range from 0 up to 16 mm, in order to satisfy every single need.

Its design too is innovative, slicer 300 IB DOC has a reduced loading height that allows a lower effort for the operator when the product is supposed to be put on the carriage. With the same aim the machine has polished aluminum surfaces and flow channels and they also allow an easier cleaning procedure.

As a matter of fact this machine is not only simple to use but also easy to clean. .

Furthermore this is its standard equipment : built in sharpener, plate with tilting milled last slice device, removable parts and product blocking system.

This machine is certified according to the European Standards.

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Paolo Manconi
Paolo Manconi

Presidente e Direttore Generale della Manconi & C. Srl

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