Mortadella slicer: how to get perfect cuts with Manconi

Are you looking for a good mortadella slicer to cut this particular sausage with the best precision? Manconi models are what you need.

Mortadella slicer: how to get perfect cuts with Manconi

Mortadella is a cured meat usually cut into very thin slices, which help to enhance its fresh and savory taste, as well as also give an excellent performance from the extetical point of view. In order to obtain such thin but above all precise slices it is essential to use an efficient and professional mortadella slicer, such as Manconi's models.

In this article you will discover:

How to cut mortadella with a slicer

Paying proper attention to the cutting of mortadella is essential to best preserve its flavor. For this, a precise and careful procedure must be followed, as well as the use of a proper mortadella slicer

Let's look at the basic steps that should not be overlooked before proceeding with the slicing of this particular cured meat:

  • Always remove the "skin" of the mortadella, before cutting. By wetting the sausage with water, the skin will be more elastic and its removal will be much easier; 
  • Pay attention to the thickness of the slices! After placing the mortadella on the slicer making the surface well adhered, it is essential to set the thickness of the slice you want to obtain, which must be very thin.

Obviously, to obtain precise and uniform cuts, it is essential to have the most appropriate tools. Manconi offers three lines of professional slicers that are perfect for slicing any type of cured meat, including, of course, mortadella.


Manconi's mortadella slicers

Let's now look at the main features of Manconi's lines of professional slicers and some recommended models for slicing mortadella.

Kolossal line

The Kolossal line is the top of the line in the Manconi tradition and offers efficient, durable and reliable slicers.

mortadella-slicer-250-ik250 IK is an inclined mortadella slicer also suitable for cutting cheese and small precooked meats. Its small size makes it space-saving, in fact it can be installed even in confined spaces. It has a low loading height to facilitate the operator's work, and the polished aluminum surfaces help to decrease friction and simplify cleaning.


mortadella-slicer-300vkve300 VK VE is a vertical mortadella slicer that is also perfect for cutting meat. Its components are removable, in fact the sharpener, blade cover, blade guard and cutter plate are easily removable so that cleaning can be carried out without difficulty. It also has a practical and easy-to-use built-in sharpener.


Find your mortadella slicer among Kolossal models!

Kolossal line


Kolossal Dual line

The Kolossal Dual line includes some revised models from the Kolossal range. While quality standards remain unchanged, a more modern and attractive design is offered, with rounded shapes that also make cleaning easier. 


mortadella-slicer-350ikdual350 IK Dual is a mortadella slicer that is also excellent for cutting cheese and cooked meats. It has an inclined slicing plate that makes slicing much easier, so that precise slices are obtained without difficulty. Its size is quite compact and cleaning is quick and easy.

affettatrice-mortadella-370vk-bv-dual370 VK BV Dual is a high-precision mortadella slicer capable of slicing any type of sausage. It features a simple and reliable blocking mechanism and is able to ensure perfect cuts without product waste. Assembly and disassembly operations are easy and quick for flawless cleaning.


Find your mortadella slicer among Kolossal Dual models!

Kolossal Dual line

Smarty Line

The Smarty line is the latest from Manconi and includes latest generation slicers perfect for the catering world. The materials used are highly resistant to impact, abrasion and corrosion and guarantee excellent hygienic safety. The colored inserts also make them particularly aesthetically pleasing.

affettatrice-mortadella-300-ix300 IX is a mortadella slicer that is also excellent for cutting cheese and precooked foods. Compact in shape, this model provides maximum carriage smoothness to facilitate the operator in making flawless cuts. Available in both red and black versions.

affettatrice-mortadella-350-ix350 IX is a mortadella slicer that is also particularly suitable for cutting sausages of all kinds, vegetables, bread and cheese. The smooth sliding of the carriage allows for easy and waste-free cutting and can be safely used even by less experienced operators, precisely because of its practicality. Resistant to impact, abrasion and corrosion, this slicer ensures maximum hygienic safety. Available in both red and black versions.


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