Which are the best professional slicing machines? Discover the Manconi products

Slicing machines are an important investment as the quality of your service depends on them. This is because a professional instrument allows you to slice a large quantity of products in a short time and with great precision. Below we see which Manconi professional slicing machines are the best

Which are the best professional slicing machines? Discover the Manconi products

Regularly shaped and thick slices and minimal product waste are among the main benefits of a professional slicing machine. There is no doubt that it is a very useful instrument for providing a high-quality service.

But which are the best professional slicing machines?

To answer this question, the question must be asked as to which sector they are used in. After all, a professional slicing machine may be more or less suitable depending on the product it has to slice.

Below we see the best Manconi professional slicing machines for the various sectors.


The best professional slicing machines for delicatessens


330 IK




The slicing machines of the Kolossal line, Manconi's top of the range. It is designed for slicing all types of traditional delicatessen products such as sausages, vegetables, bread, cheese and cold cuts.

It is a gear-driven machine with high slicing capacity and precision with a wide range of customisation possibilities. In fact, it can be equipped with various types of plates:

  • Transparent and removable tilting pusher plate
  • Aluminium tilting and removable presser plate
  • Plate with self-locking arm, transparent and removable pressure plate and sliding plate

However, high-quality slicing and customisation are not the only advantages of this professional slicer: its low loading height also helps the operator work with less hassle.


350 IK Dual




This is a gravity slicing machine: its inclined blade naturally accompanies the slice, which will be more defined and precise, while helping the user in the slicing process. One of the best professional slicing machines for delicatessens and also available with a 37 cm blade, it is specifically designed for slicing cheese and cold cuts but can also be used for cooked meats.

With several removable parts it can be cleaned very easily and, as with all the professional slicing machines of the Kolossal Dual line, which is one of the most advanced in the Manconi range, it can also be cleaned with a spray of water.


The best professional slicing machines for supermarkets


250 VK VE




This is a Kolossal space-saving slicing machine, suitable for even the smallest spaces. Ideal for slicing cold cuts, cheeses and fresh meats, it meets the main needs of supermarkets.

This pro slicer has a transparent pusher with a pointed base but is also available with a smooth base.

Thanks to its polished aluminium surfaces and sliding grooves, it can be cleaned easily and is not subject to friction when slicing. This is one of the best professional slicing machines with a compact size.


350 VK BV Dual




This high precision professional vertical slicing machine - also available with a 37 cm blade - is mainly used for slicing cold cuts. Designed to simplify the operator's work, it is equipped with a safe and reliable clamping mechanism.

With its compact design, it makes the best use of space, but without lacking in quality and precision.


The best professional slicing machines for butchers


350 VK TC Dual




Belonging to the Kolossal Dual line and also available in a version with a 37 cm blade, this vertical slicing machine is particularly suitable for slicing fresh meat: thanks to a specially designed slice support device, it can cut very thin slices without waste.

There is a large surface where the sliced product can be carefully placed. The high quality of this slicing machine can also be seen in the presence of a very modern push-button panel as well as in the material of which it is made: mirror-polished aluminium for optimum product flow.


350 VX BVS



This is a professional slicing machine belonging to the Smarty line, which brings together all the latest generation of Manconi slicing machines. It is made of the most advanced materials in terms of impact, abrasion and corrosion resistance: a reliable and long-lasting product.

One of the best professional slicers for butchers, it is equipped with a self-locking arm that allows a firm grip on the product to be sliced.


The best professional slicing machines for grocery shops


370 VK TC Dual



Ideal for cutting fresh meat, it ensures a high slicing capacity even in small spaces. It is equipped with a pivoting and removable aluminium gripper plate for immediate and safe cleaning.

It is an easy-to-use machine and helps to make the operator's job much easier.


370 VK BV Dual Big




The vertical slicing machine is very large, specifically for large loads of product to be sliced. However, despite its size, it is rather compact for better space optimisation and has a low loading height.

Thanks to simple and easy dismantling and assembly, it can be cleaned and maintained very easily.


The best professional slicing machines for Ho.Re.Ca.


250 VK VE



This is one of the best slicing machines for businesses that have to manage meats, cheeses and cold cuts on a small scale.

Despite its very compact base and entire structure, it provides a high level of performance and safety, as do models with larger blade diameters.


350 IX




The Smarty gravity slicing machine is designed for slicing sausages, bread, vegetables, cheese and cold cuts. It is easy to use even for beginners: the smoothness of the trolley, low loading height and built-in sharpener can make cutting procedures much easier.


What is the best professional slicing machine for your business?

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