Compact meat slicer: a buying guide

If you work in the large-scale retail sector, you know how important it is to rely on a compact and efficient meat slicer. Manconi, addressing this specific market need, has designed a series of efficient, space-saving models that ensure maximum cutting precision.

Affettatrice professionale compatta: guida alla scelta

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Can a professional meat slicer be compact?

The right meat slicer can make a difference in professional settings with intensive work rhythms. To offer tailored solutions, we at Manconi have studied the market and the needs of those working in the supermarket and Ho.Re.Ca. sectors to make our products even more efficient.

Our compact meat slicers are aesthetically pleasing and ensure perfect cutting performance in any context.

Here are some of our best models.

Compact Meat Slicer Kolossal 250 IK


This practical, versatile, and space-saving model makes it ideal for slicing small deli meats and cheeses. The Kolossal 250 IK combines professionalism, durability, and compactness, ensuring impeccable performance even in limited spaces.

  • Surface area: 457 x 347 mm
  • Working dimensions: 597 x 503 x 427 mm
  • Net weight: 28.5 kg
  • Slice thickness: from 0 to 24 mm

Compact Meat Slicer Kolossal 250 VK VE


Need to slice meats, deli meats, and small cheeses daily? Then the Kolossal 250 VK VE model by Manconi is just right for you. The gear transmission and integrated sharpener are essential for the high productivity of this compact meat slicer. The components can be disassembled for thorough cleaning and regular maintenance.

  • Surface area: 418 x 342 mm
  • Working dimensions: 573 x 533 x 444 mm
  • Net weight: 28.5 kg
  • Slice thickness: from 0 to 24 mm

Compact Meat Slicer Smarty 250 IX


The Smarty 250 IX compact meat slicer is ideal for slicing deli meats, cheeses, vegetables, and pre-cooked foods. The product tray with a tilting press is grooved to provide the operator with a better grip on the product for accurate cuts, even on the thinnest slices.

  • Blade speed: 286 g/min
  • Working dimensions: 530 x 445 x 430 mm
  • Net weight: 20 kg
  • Slice thickness: from 0 to 16 mm

Compact Meat Slicer Smarty 300 VX BV


The main feature of the Smarty 300 VX BV model is the presence of a vertical arm that keeps the product in position while allowing optimal tray sliding. Perfect for slicing raw ham and other deli meats, this compact meat slicer has a reduced base footprint to optimize space. The product is available in red or black variants.

  • Blade speed: 250 g/min
  • Working dimensions: 670 x 572 x 492 mm
  • Net weight: 30.9 kg
  • Slice thickness: from 0 to 16 mm

Compact Meat Slicer Kolossal 300 IK


The 300 IK model by Manconi represents the structural solidity and reliability typical of the Kolossal line. Suitable for slicing all types of deli meats and cheeses, this compact meat slicer is perfect for businesses that require frequent changes. This model features a reduced loading height to minimize operator effort. Additionally, the mirror-polished aluminumsurfaces facilitate sliding and simplify cleaning of every part of the product to maintain high-quality standards.

  • Surface area: 511 x 420 mm
  • Working dimensions: 685 x 547 x 480 mm
  • Net weight: 41 kg
  • Slice thickness: from 0 to 24 mm

Compact Meat Slicer Kolossal 300 VK BV


This model is suitable for slicing meat, deli meats, and cheeses. The compactness of the Kolossal 300 VK BV professional meat slicer is due to its reduced base footprint. Moreover, this model is particularly suitable for those seeking high cutting quality, safety, and hygiene. Thanks to a locking mechanism, the product remains in position, allowing the operator to make precise cuts without friction.

  • Surface area: 521 x 418 mm
  • Working dimensions: 780 x 627 x 515 mm
  • Net weight: 46.5 kg
  • Slice thickness: from 0 to 24 mm

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How to choose a compact meat slicer

Choosing the most suitable professional meat slicer for your business is crucial as it affects the quality of your daily performance. In this article, we want to give you a series of practical tips to evaluate the features of a product based on your operational needs.

  • Size and footprint: Always check that the meat slicer is compact and fits the available counter space. Remember: a model with a reduced footprint can be efficient, accessible, and safe
  • Motor power: This aspect is important, especially in sectors with intensive work rhythms that require consistent cutting precision
  • Blade diameter: This feature should not be underestimated in a compact meat slicer. For whole deli meats, models with a diameter between 350 and 370 mm are suitable, while for slicing deli meats, cheeses, vegetables, and bread, blades from 250/300 mm are indicated
  • Ease of maintenance: Models with removable components and smooth surfaces allow for thorough cleaning, resulting in reduced waste
  • Safety certifications: Ensure your professional meat slicer complies with current European safety and quality standards.

For your business, choose Manconi

By choosing a Manconi professional meat slicer, you can count on a compact and functional product designed to simplify and lighten the operators' work while ensuring high-quality standards.

But that's not all. We want to accompany our customers through every phase of the decision-making process, guiding them in choosing the model best suited to their needs. 

Every Manconi product can be customized, and thanks to our after-sales service, you can receive assistance even after purchase to maintain excellent performance over time.

Invest now in a Manconi compact meat slicer!

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