An overview of Manconi's meat slicers

The best meat slicers are individual machines that are capable of slicing a wide range of foods, are able to perform their tasks perfectly, and are built to meet the cutting requirements of specific jobs.

An overview of Manconi's meat slicers

In view of the numerous jobs present within the food industry, meat slicers are often mistaken for machines of little importance. The use of mediocre meat slicers can compromise the quality of the product, and can slow down the shop’s or the company’s operations.


The meat slicer craftsmen

Manconi is an Italian company that’s been manufacturing meat slicers for over 50 years. The company was founded by a group of passionate craftsmen who built their first meat slicers in 1958; The idea has always been to develop the best possible tools for jobs that require foods to be handled with the utmost respect, maintaining their authentic and traditional flavors.

1.The food always comes first

Because maintaining the quality of the raw materials is essential from every point of view, regardless of whether you’re a small retailer or a large retail outlet with enormous production requirements. Manconi has carried this concept forward by manufacturing meat slicers capable of preserving the processed ingredients, even over the course of long cutting sessions.

2.Constant pursuit of new technological solutions

Manconi only holds on to the very best of its original creations, and constantly invests in the research and development of innovative ideas capable of meeting the market’s growing demands, masterfully combining tradition and modern technology.

3.The meat slicer must adapt to your needs, not the other way around

Manconi manufactures a wide range of meat slicers in various sizes and with different characteristics, in order to allow customers to choose the meat slicer best meets their needs. Don’t know which meat slicer is best for you? Manconi will help you choose the perfect meat slicer.


Manconi meat slicers

Manconi generally concentrates on manufacturing machines that are capable of meeting the needs of two large sectors of the food industry... namely the small and large-scale retail sectors.

  • The Smarty Meat Slicer
    The Smarty model meat slicers are designed for the Ho.Re.Ca sector and for grocery stores, which typically require versatile and compact machines. In all branches of the catering sector, it is necessary to work in close contact with the customer, to operate in a discontinuous manner, and to cut various types of food products. The Manconi’s Smarty model meat slicer guarantees quality cuts and a high level of safety at affordable prices.
  • The Kolossal meat slicer is ideal for continuous work activities, and has been designed to meet the needs of specific work activities and food products, even in larger quantities, thereby reducing waste and production times.

As the product quantities increase, so does the amount of waste, and the processing times are multiplied accordingly. Kolossal model commercial meat slicers are designed to be stable and durable, and are ideal for processing the product quantities required of large shopping centers or specialized butcher’s shops.


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