Commercial meat slicer: discover the Kolossal Dual line

A commercial meat slicer must be designed to last and capable of meeting difficult cutting requirements, while at the same time ensuring consistent performance and minimal maintenance.

Commercial meat slicer: discover the Kolossal Dual line


The commercial meat slicers for supermarkets, hypermarkets and food chains are designed to cut large quantities of meat, expedite the work activities, reduce waste, and minimize operator fatigue. These commercial meat slicers are designed for continuous use (even up to 10 hours a day, 7 days a week), and are capable of ensuring incredible yields, extraordinary cutting precision, excellent product gripping, and considerable time savings.


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Kolossal: the commercial meat slicer for the most demanding operators

Manconi has created a line of commercial meat slicers with extraordinary features designed to meet the needs of large retailers. Bringing together tradition and innovation, the Kolossal line represents a major development in this sector, and offers specific features suitable for even the most demanding operators:

  • With Kolossal commercial meat slicers, the customer can choose between a belt or gear drive mechanism, depending on the cutting requirements.
  • Possibility of choosing between a built-in or separate sharpener, and the components that can be removed in order to thoroughly clean the machine.
  • Kolossal commercial meat slicers are capable of precision cutting any type of product, even in larger sizes.
  • Every Manconi commercial meat slicer is made with extremely durable top quality materials, thereby minimizing the need for maintenance.
  • Kolossal commercial meat slicers guarantee maximum ease of use thanks to the smooth motion of the plate.
  • Kolossal commercial meat slicers can even be requested in convenient automatic versions, if necessary.
  • Manconi slicer machines are manufactured in strict compliance with the international regulations to guarantee maximum hygiene and quality.


Which slicer to choose

A commercial meat slicer for large retailers must be capable of withstanding a greater continuous workload, and must guarantee precision cutting, even with larger products. Manconi manufactures commercial meat slicers designed specifically for this purpose, with characteristics that allow for optimal work to be carried out under any conditions and with different types of product.


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