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A professional slicer is the right choice for everyone who needs to speed up the slicer process. The ability to accurately slice large quantities of food means that every company or business must own this machine if it wants to combine efficiency and quality, reduce working time and permanently eliminate product waste independently of frequency of use.

With the assumption of helping the customer and guiding them in choosing the best professional slicer we have catalogued our wide range of slicers for cutting different products in three main lines:  

  1. Kolossal 
  2. Kolossal Dual
  3. Smarty 


1. Kolossal professional slicers

Line Kolossal is the top of the range among professional slicers produced by Manconi and it express perfectly the dualism tradition-innovation.

When quantities increase, product waste and working times multiply. Kolossal slicers are ideal for uninterrupted work, as they are specifically designed for use in different sectors or for specific food, reducing product waste and reducing working time.

Kolossal professional slicers are designed to be stable and durable, ideal for large shopping malls as for specialized butcheries.

Among the KOLOSSAL line we recommend:

Kolossal 300 VK BV, a machine with a safe and reliable locking system for meats and sausages of different sizes. The swing arm is suitable for any type of shape, allowing a product to be held naturally when its shape is irregular, as in the case of raw ham. 


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2. Kolossal Dual professional slicers: high quality standard with a new design

Kolossal Dual line is in a way a restyling of some professional meat slicers belonging to Kolossal line. It has the same high quality standard but with a different design: the Kolossal Dual line has more charming and rounded shapes than it was in the past.

Kolossal Dual professional slicer machines are the most innovative and cutting-edge professional meat slicers on the market. These slicers embody all the best features of the previous models.

DUAL means double, like the double choice of built in or separate sharpener and the gear or belt transmission.

Among the KOLOSSAL DUAL line we recommend:

Kolossal 350 IK DUAL , qualified to cut all types of deli, cheese and cooked meat. It has a tilted plate in order to simplify the use, it cuts precisely and is very easy to clean, also possible with a water jet.


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3. Smarty Slicers: great technology in little space

Smarty professional slicers are designed for those working in the HORECA industry, where keywords are versatility and limited space. In all branches of catering there is a need to work closely with the customer, work discontinuously and cut different types of food. Manconi's Smarty professional slicers ensure quality cuts and a high level of safety at affordable prices.

The materials used for this line of professional slicers are shock, corrosion and scratch resistant and they are able to grant the best hygienic safety.

Among the SMARTY line we recommend:

Smarty 370 VX TC vertical professional slicer with high cutting accuracy and reduced load height to reduce operator effort. It is efficient and skilled, developed to support hard work giving excellent performances in everyday work.


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Features of a professional slicer

Manconi’s work focuses on designing and realizing high-quality and innovative professional slicers for different purpose. The attention and the experience reached in many years of work brought Manconi to be one of the leader in the professional slicers industry.

Each professional slicer has been designed in the least details. We can categorize the different features of a professional slicer as follow:

Blade tilt: the tilt of the blade is very important for a professional slicer as it can completely modify the type of cut. You can choose between vertical and gravity slicers: if the blade is tilted, the food will automatically slide through the blade due to gravity; If the blade is in a perfectly vertical position, the operator has to manually move the product.

Blade measurement: Be sure to choose the professional slicer with a blade size that corresponds to the type of product you want to slice. From 250 to 330 mm, the size of the blade is proportional to the size of the food to be sliced.

Separate sharpener: having a separate sharpener is synonymous with cleanliness and versatility. However, if you need practicality and solidity having a built-in sharpener is the best solution.

Transmission: Belt-drive slicers are more versatile and economical; those with gear transmission offer a higher quality of performance, more suitable for long-lasting and heavy work. The low transmission noise is another feature to take into account when purchasing an electric slicer; a professional slicer is quiet and efficient.

Manconi’s professional slicer: Safety first

Cutting or can be dangerous if not done with the right instruments. All Manconi’s professional slicers comply with safety parameters regulated by current European standards, and have been manufactured with antioxidant and anti-corrosive materials to prevent parts deterioration and eliminate formation of molds and bacteria.


Customize your professional slicer!

All Manconi’s slicers are available on request with handles and plastic components of different colors, depending on the customer's needs. Each slicer can also be coated with a color that you choose, resistant to moisture and corrosion. The painted slicer is an element of wonderful decoration that increases the aesthetic appearance of the store. What's your favorite color? Let us know!



Once you've tasted the convenience of a professional slicer, it will be impossible to work without it!

What are you waiting for? Contact us and choose the professional slicer you have always dreamed about!

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