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Catering slicer

Manconi manufactures catering slicers with an elegant and functional design, compact, efficient and able to support even the most difficult working rhythms of the catering service.

The fast pace of the restaurant is a deterrent for many aspiring cooks and the difficulties of serving many rooms are able to scare even the most experienced of waiters. But it is during a catering service that you can see the real problems of the trade. How do you prepare food for hundreds of people without taking away the space for quality? How to manage the kitchen and dining room in the most efficient way?

The true masters of catering use the right tools. To guarantee a quality service during a catering operation, you need the right slicer, compact and easy to transport, which guarantees a fast and waste-free cut, easy to clean in any situation.


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The characteristics of a catering slicer

The best catering slicer must be able to withstand high discontinuous workloads and cut without producing wasteful foods of a very different nature. A Manconi catering slicer meets these and other requirements to ensure maximum support and impeccable service.

  • A catering slicer withstands high discontinuous workloads.
  • A catering slicer must be able to cut a variety of foods.
  • A catering slicer must be compact and transportable.
  • A catering slicer must be easily washable to ensure perfect hygiene.
  • A catering slicer must have an elegant design for those situations where it is necessary to be in contact with the customer.



The advantages of Manconi catering slicers

Manconi manufactures each of its catering slicers with the best anti-corrosion, anti-rust and high resistance materials, with extractable components to facilitate cleaning and maintenance, guaranteeing maximum product longevity.

  • No meat waste thanks to the powerful cutting mechanism,
  • High cutting speed and reduced working time,
  • The low loading height and the firm grip on the meat facilitate cutting operations,
  • The compact design and attention to detail make a Manconi meat slicer perfect in any situation, even in those jobs in contact with customers.


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