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Frozen meat slicer: which are the best models?

Many deli stores, supermarkets and food stores often face the need to rely on frozen meat during their activity. One of the biggest problems in dealing with this product is, without any doubt, the cut, that is made more difficult and less precise by the particular consistency of frozen meat.

To solve all the cutting problems, the best solution comes with the use of a frozen meat slicer, a professional machine designed with specific features to the perfect processing of this type of meat. Manconi, always in the first line in the field of professional slicers with top quality products, proposes two different innovative models, specifically designed to cut frozen meat.

250 VX VE Frozen meat slicer

250 VX VE is a little jewel designed for small deli stores and food stores. The compact size makes possible to locate the machine in small spaces, minimizing its presence in the store. This slicer is a vertical model, perfect for the cut of meat, cold cuts, vegetables and cheese from small sizes; thanks to its power and precision it turns out to be a perfect slicer for frozen meat, the cut of which is eased by the excellent smoothness of the plate. Manconi designed this slicer keeping in mind the problems that can rise when cleaning the slicers for meat, a product that easily leaves greasy residuals and liquids on the blade and on the other components of the machine. For this reason, this frozen meat slicer can be comfortably disassembled in order to ease all the cleaning operations.


370 VX TC Frozen meat slicer

350 VX TC is thought for those activities that need to cut bigger-sized products. It is a professional frozen meat slicer, with a wide plate to accommodate pieces of meat from big size. As the previous model, also this slicer can be easily disassembled to grant an accurate cleaning of all its components, maximizing the hygiene and lasting of this professional tool.




All the professional slicers by Manconi are certified according to the most severe EU regulations, and offer excellent performances with the highest level of safety, endurance and efficiency. Fill in the following form to contact us for any doubt or request! 


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