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Commercial slicer: 5 advices to choose the best

Today, the choice of the models of commercial slicer available on the market is extremely wide, with small and big producers that propose every kind of machine to meet every need in the food sector. Unfortunately, facing the great number of products, it is getting more and more difficult to choose the best slicer. In this brief guide we will list a series of advices to help you find the best models of commercial slicer.




1- Which products do you have to cut?

Depending on our business, we have to slice one or more specific kind of food. If butcheries only need to cut fresh meat, other activities such as Deli stores, Food stores or Ho.Re.Ca. professionals need to cut a wider range of products. The best producers of commercial slicers make available machines specifically designed to cut one or more products, from meat (also frozen meat), to cheese, cold cuts, roasts, fish, bread, and even vegetables. Identifying the products to cut is therefore the first step in the best choice of your commercial slicer.

2- Vertical or gravity slicer?

All the models of commercial slicer are included in one out of two big families: vertical slicers or gravity slicers. The first ones are equipped with a blade that is perfectly perpendicular to the plate, meaning a reduced size of the machine and the need to keep manually the product in contact with the blade during the cut. In the models of gravity commercial slicer, on the contrary, the blade is slightly sloping, letting the product slide towards the blade without manual intervention; they are more comfortable to use, but they also occupy more space than vertical slicers. Depending on the spaces and the needs of your activity, you can choose either a vertical or a gravity slicer.

3- Electrical operation

For professional businesses, it would be better to avoid manual slicers – also known as flywheel slicers – as they are less efficient in cutting the product. We recommend choosing an electrical professional slicer that guarantees a steady, fast and comfortable movement of the blade, optimizing time and work. In the case of a business that have to cut a great quantity of food every day, we suggest an automatic commercial slicer, designed to operate automatically without any human intervention.

4- Choose a model that can be disassembled

In the choice of your commercial slicer, we suggest to choose a model that can be disassembled, in which any single part can be dismantled in order to be checked and cleaned when necessary. A periodic check – and, in particular, the cleaning – is indeed an extremely important process to maximize the duration and the efficiency of any slicer: rust and corrosion are always behind the corner, responsible of compromising the hygiene and the correct operation of our slicer.

5- Compliance with the current European regulation

Hygiene and safety of the cutting process are two essential qualities that should never been underestimated when choosing a commercial slicer. For this reason, it is always better to choose a slicer complaining with the current European regulation, granting the machine under many points of view: safety and electric compatibility, hygiene, use of non-toxic or dangerous materials, safety of the cut mechanism… The most serious producers make available only compliant slicers, for a machine that focus on the health and safety of the worker and the customer who eat the final product.


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