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Manconi is a professional slicer manufacturer with worldwide export. Among our products we also produce several models of cooked meat slicer to meet the needs of supermarkets, deli stores, catering services and restaurant that need a reliable machine to cut cooked meat. Discover our best models!



Manconi cooked meat slicers are versatile and functional, able to fit the rhythms of large-scale distribution and the difficulties of catering and restaurant services. As every business has its own rules and requirement, we produce different slicers for different professional contexts.

Here are some of our best models of cooked meat slicer:

cooked-meat-slicer-smarty-250-ixCooked meat slicer 250 IX: the most compact machine and the easiest to use, with all our technological content. This cooked meat slicer is the perfect tool for deli stores and catering services as it is easy to move and requires small spaces. The blade size is 250 mm (9,8 inches).


cooked-meat-slicer-kolossal-300-ikCooked meat slicer 300 IK: this professional slicer has a gear box transmission mechanism that guarantees long life and excellent resistance even with heavy use. The machine can slice cooked meat, delicatessen, cold cuts and cheese. The blade size is 300 mm (11,8 inches).


cooked-meat-slicer-smarty-350-vx-bv-abCooked meat slicer 350 VX BV: sturdy slicer for the cut of cooked meat, roast beef, delicatessen, ham and sausages. This machine ensures perfect grip of the food, smooth and precise cut while being extremely easy to use. The blade size is 350 mm (13,7 cm).


cooked-meat-slicer-dual-370-ikCooked meat slicer 370 IK Dual: compact slicer with great cutting capacity. This machine is the best choice to cut great quantity of cooked meat, delicatessen and even cheese with steady precision and smooth results. It is one of our biggest slicers, with a blade of 370 mm (14,6 inches).


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The characteristics of a good cooked meat slicer

Each Manconi slicer is built with different materials and characteristics according to specific professional requirements. A cooked meat slicer must have various qualities:

  • cooked-meat-slicer-manconiNo meat waste thanks to the powerful cutting mechanism,
  • High cutting speed and reduced working time,
  • The low loading height and the firm grip on the meat,
  • The compact design to fit event into small spaces.

A cooked meat slicer has to face every day some particular difficulties related to this type of food. Pre-cooked meat and food release a lot of liquids during the cutting operation, these contain fats and salts that, in the long run, ruin the slicing machine. The materials used by Manconi are anti-corrosion and anti-rust to prevent this eventuality. In addition, a Manconi cooked meat slicer is built with removable components for easy cleaning and maintenance.

Another great advantage of any Manconi cooked meat slicer is the possibility of customizing the individual components, both in the plastic parts, such as the knobs, and in the metal parts, such as the external body. A Manconi cooked meat slicer can become a special object of design and furnishing element.



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