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Welcome on Manconi. This page is dedicated to all our models of commercial slicer, the products that, since our birth, have been our core business and the flagship of our offer.

A commercial slicer is a professional machine that distinguishes from non-professional models for a series of important features:

  • First of all, the quality of the materials: the choice of the best and most cutting-edge materials impacts on the resistance of a commercial slicer, that can support strikes and shakes, and resist corrosion and scratches better than non-professional models. On all these qualities also relies the endurance of the slicer.
  • The hygiene granted by a commercial slicer is always higher than the other models: a key feature that depends, again, on the high quality of the materials of the slicer, as well as on the possibility to disassemble the machine in order to clean every single component. The best commercial slicers are produced with a special stainless steel alloy that resists rust and limescale.
  • The specialization: a commercial slicer rarely is a generic machine. The best models are always specialized in the cut of a specific category of product, for which the slicer is optimized. Depending on the sector, there always is a specific model of slicer.

Manconi designs and produces top-quality professional slicers, with an extremely wide range of products that can meet every need. Studying the requirements and the operating of the sectors that use professional slicers, Manconi realized three series of products, in which the long experience and the continuous innovation of our activity can be found: the KOLOSSAL, KOLOSSAL DUAL and SMARTY, each of them with its specific features.




Commercial slicer: a specific machine for every product to slice

Our models of professional slicer cover all the categories of products that need a clean and fast cutting: in the meat category, Manconi produces models for both fresh meat and frozen or semi-frozen meat, as well as machines to cut roasts, precooked food and meat. As far as cold cuts are concerned, we designed some models of commercial slicer specifically to cut raw ham, besides professional machines for any kind of cold cuts. To conclude, we realize commercial slicers for bread, cheese, vegetables or fish.

Thanks to this wide range of products, Manconi can meet the requirements of every sector that needs a commercial slicer for its activity: from supermarkets to butcheries, from the Ho. Re. Ca. professionals to deli shops, up to the food stores that are looking for a product with high performances.

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