Smarty Slicer models: 300 BV AB and Smarty 350 BV AB

Product holder with self-locking arm. And reliability is growing!

Slicer Smarty 300 BV AB and Smarty 350 BV AB

It is now available for the general public a very special option, offered for the models 300 VX BV e 350 VX BV of our Smarty line, able to improve their reliability in a condition of a more intensive use. We are talking about the delicatessen plate with self-locking system on its arm.  

All the machines developed under the name Smarty had been created to fulfill the needs of the upper level of the restauration segment but with these models, named 300 VX BV AB and 350 VX BV AB, Manconi is now able to serve also food shops and small local supermarkets, where it is often required a continuous use of the machine and for sure a much more intense one than in a restaurant.

Smarty slicers are available with red knobs or in its more classic version, with black ones, without extra costs.

It is in perfect Manconi style, a very reliable product, with an affordable price.

More information available, contact us directly.

Paolo Manconi
Paolo Manconi

Presidente e Direttore Generale della Manconi & C. Srl

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