How to disassemble the slicer blade?

Cleaning a slicer results so much easier if you decide to disassemble the slicer blade, but you must pay close attention to this operation to avoid cutting yourself.

How to disassemble the slicer blade?

If you choose to disassemble the slicer blade you need to pay close attention to this operation, but you will obtain very thorough cleaning of the instrument. 

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How to handle the slicer blade removal

There are two ways to clean the slicer blade: leaving it in place or disassembling it.

In both cases, first of all you must wear cut-resistant gloves to protect your hands and avoid accidents.

If you choose the first method, the ideal is to start cleaning the blade from the center, and then reach the outer part of the machine. Normally it is sufficient to use degreaser or hot water and soap, but in the case of professional slicers there are products according to HACCP regulations.

If you decide to disassemble the slicer blade, instead, it is necessary to use the blade remover that is available depending on the model.

The slicer blade removal certainly requires an extra step compared to the first mode, but actually facilitates the subsequent cleaning operation so much because, as the blade is not mounted to the rest of the machine, it can be handled more easily and therefore cleaned in every single point, without hindrance.




Some advice about slicer cleaning operations

Here are a few more tips on how to perform a thorough slicer cleaning:

  • Fully close the graduated knob to the "0" position before starting cleaning;
  • Turn off the slicer and unplug the power outlet;
  • Remove, clean with water and sanitize each component of the slicer;
  • Sanitize the slicer and let it dry;
  • Once everything is dry, reassemble the slicer.

To accomplish a thorough cleaning, the ideal is to choose a practical and easily disassembled slicer, just like the models offered by Manconi.


Manconi slicers: perfect for a thorough cleaning

Manconi slicers are characterized by reliability, durability and strength and are divided into three main lines

  • Kolossal: represents the top of the range and offers the ultimate in innovation without sacrificing the Manconi tradition;
  • Kolossal Dual: this is a review of the line just mentioned, which gives the various models a more modern and attractive design as well as offering a series of options for greater customization of your slicer including the blade remover, a practical accessory always designed by Manconi, used to remove the blade from the slicer with ease and above all safety;
  • Smarty: this is Manconi's big news, composed of slicers designed in particular for the restaurant sector and with a fresh and pleasant design, in fact they contain colored inserts that make them perfect for public display as well.




For each line, Manconi offers a wide variety of models that are very advantageous, not only because it is possible to remove the blade from the slicer, but also because:

  • The compact size and smoothness of the plate make them very handy;
  • They are made with high quality materials;
  • They can be customized according to the customer's needs;
  • They respect the European regulations in force.


If you're looking for a practical and easy-to-clean slicer, Manconi is exactly what you need.

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